What's a Coinstackr?
Bitcoin Candlestick Charts

Bitcoin Candlestick Charts

Coinstackr’s interactive charting platform provides historical pricing data, a wealth of indicators, moving averages and drawing tools for technical chart analysis.

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If you are serious about making money trading Bitcoins, for technical analysis only first-class Bitcoin Price Charts should do! Here’s what makes Coinstackr special:

  • Focused on Bitcoin exclusively
  • Major Exchanges supported: Bitstamp, BTC-e & Bitfinex
  • Live-updating price charts & order books
  • Interactive charting platform

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“Searched and tried several tools. Then Coinstackr… It’s by far the best tool!”, by Roeland

“Gorgeous, fast, easy to use. I like it!”, by John

“I must say that I am impressed with coinstackr sofar. The interface looks very clean and simple and works in the same way.”, by Gregory

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